Released on November 28, 1999 exclusively for the PC (Windows 95), WWTBAM 1st Edition featured the likeness and voice of Regis Philbin as he announced the game's title during the intro sequence. The money tree stays the same as the primetime edition's money tree, a 30-second shot clock times players to get stress going, and instead of selecting one of 5 friends during the Phone-a-Friend, Regis simply calls up one of his friends. Another difference is when you use the Ask the Audience lifeline. From October 4 to 6 of 1999, fifty Internet users were selected at random, by the game makers, to form the "audience" of this computer game.

When there are more than one players playing WWTBAM 1st Edition, instead of the traditional Fastest Finger First round that is shown on TV, a totally different layout is displayed: let's say there are four players and Regis asks them to choose a keyboard letter to be each of the players' personal buzzer. Next, a question appears with four answers in a randomized order. To get through this round, the players must buzz in when the items that they see appear in the correct order from top to bottom. They can buzz in as many times as they can, but their last buzz must count. The player with the fastest time and correct sequence will play for a virtual $1 million.

There are several humorous events in this game such as when you fail to say how many players are playing three times in a row, Regis ends the game and program at the same time to bring you back to the desktop. The same thing happens during the Fastest Finger First round after you fail the same question three times. However, if you don't enter your name in time or fail to say if you need instructions, Regis will simply enter a ridiculous name or interpret that you need instructions.


"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!"

"Hey there! I'm Regis Philbin! Welcome to the show! How many players?"

"How you doin'? Welcome to the show. How many players will be playing?"

"All right. I'm gonna ask you again. How many players are playing?"

"Are you listening to me? Just tell me: how many people are playing?"

"Hello? Anybody awake out there? How many people? How many people are playing? You heard me."

"All right. Somebody's gotta help me here! Look around the room and count. Is it one? Is it more than one? Somebody let me hear from you, PLEASE!"

"You know, you're really getting on my nerves! I'm gonna ask you for the last time! I mean it! How many out there?"

"Hello? This is Regis in the machine PLEADING TO YOU to count the people in the room and tell me: H-H-HOW MANY!"

"OK. You win. Have it your way. Good night, goodbye, GOOD LUCK!"

"OK. I can play that game, too. You don't wanna play with me? Well, then I don't wanna play with you! See how you like this!"

"OK. No game for you today! Come back next year! Maybe soup then! Maybe game then! Maybe NEVER!!"

"All right then. Let's play."

"OK. Let's play."

"You're all set? So, let's play."

"Let's play!"

"OK. Now let's find out who's gonna be the first one to climb into the Hot Seat!"

"All right. Everybody squeeze in now around the keyboard and choose a letter. Any letter. It'll be your personal buzzer."

"All right. Here's what I need."

"Try to be the first one to buzz in when the items you see appear in the correct order from top to bottom. OK? Here we go!"

"All right! Here's the correct order!"

"Now, let's take a look at the top ten responses!"

"Very good, but who was the fastest?"

"A! It's A! A wins! First letter of the alphabet, first answer correct! Whoever had the letter A, it's your turn to play WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE."

"T, T, T for two? Ha! Well, in this case, it's T for one! Yeah, whoever pressed T, your turn to play WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE."

"I'm gonna need your name."

"OK. If you would, type in your name, please."

"First question I'd like to ask you is: what's your name?"

"Oh, how about that? You're a millionaire! Congratulations!"

"So, there you are! You're a millionaire! Yeah! Can you believe it? Don't believe it. Just kidding.'re kind of a millionaire! You're a fake millionaire! But, you had a good time, didn't you? What else do you want? We all love you! Congratulations!"